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WeDo: Digital has experience delivering solutions to a variety of clients in different markets. From greenfield projects to advising on business technology issues, we pride ourselves on helping clients regardless of domain. However, we are more experienced in some sectors than others – below is an overview of our specialisms.


Banking made simple

We have expertise in delivering SME challenger bank platforms, underpinned by payment providers. We built and support both the web and mobile apps for 2 challengers banks with significant transaction volumes. WeDo: Digital are at the forefront of helping SME banks to innovate.

Financial Services

Helping to keep finances safe

We have expertise in delivering solutions to the wider financial services sector. This includes helping clients with technical designs and solutions to satisfy regulators. We have recently built and support a card platform, a rewards platform, and a bespoke accounting package.

HR / Payroll

People and payroll, professionalised

Efficient back-office solutions are critical to delivering time and cost savings for any business. We have built a variety of bespoke systems for in-house use by HR and Payroll teams. We are also the capability behind Codapay, a fast-growing, cloud-based payroll product.


Providing tooling to the industry of people

Our senior leadership team has over 25 years’ experience delivering technology solutions to the recruitment sector. From building agency solutions, through to recruitment CRMs, and call centre systems, we’ve helped a number of recruitment businesses realise the benefits of exploiting modern technologies. We are also the development capability behind Codabill, a leading cloud-based recruitment pay and bill product.


Helping to shape the retail revolution

We focus on making digital purchases an experience, rather than a necessity. Our e-commerce expertise comes from building a variety of online retail platforms for clients. From a tools provider’s storefront and a restaurant booking site, we focus the digital retail experience on simplicity and ease-of-use first and foremost. We’ve also built and supported a B2B marketplace, a virtual office service, and a company formation agent.

Business Process Outsourcing

You business, outsourced to focus

As a digital agency, we understand what it means to outsource areas of your business to experts so you can focus on delivering your core products and/or services. We’ve built and support a number of BPO solutions, including an automated email service, SMS platform and utilities (such as asset management, monitoring and SQL database management solutions). Whatever your niche, we can help bring your idea to life.

NGO and Charities

A nuanced industry needs a nuanced perspective

A big part of our identity and modus operandi are about giving back to the community. While we support a number of worthy causes financially, we also go that extra mile to deliver some pro bono projects to the not-for-profit sphere. Most recently, we delivered an all-in-one booking, ordering and inventory management solution to a Berkshire-based food bank.

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