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Our web apps have been successfully deployed and used in live market environments for more than half a decade. These applications are used across a range of sectors and have been continuously improved to keep our customers on the leading edge of competition.

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Despite the rise in mobile device usage, over one-third of global website traffic comes from a desktop computer. As the cross-platform revolution shows on signs of slowing down, the modern day customer has a propensity to value user experiences that are built mobile-first but in a such a way that content is delivered seamlessly regardless of device type.

As mobile app development expertise can be more niche and less cost-effective than a mobile friendly web app, many businesses are exploring alternatives. Progressive Web Apps, or ‘PWAs’, are the main choice to deliver a native-like mobile experience through the web, while maintain flexibility, scalability, and lower cost of ownership.

At WeDo: Digital, our expertise covers a range of web technologies, including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and all household CSS frameworks. Through this, we have delivered many PWAs for a range of clients, both from inception (including technology selection), through to complex web development, and a range of back office web portals.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps are no longer a redacted version of a web app. Our experience developing mobile apps reflects the rapid shift to mobile for increased productivity. We can help guide your transfer of business critical functions to being remote and on the move, keeping you dynamic.

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Our expertise comes over many years of client website delivery. While this part of our business has become a smaller part of what we do, our team are experienced in delivering sales, e-commerce and marketing websites on WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Umbraco CMS’.

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Bespoke systems

We are first-and-foremost a team of highly skilled full-stack developers. Our expertise is primarily in Microsoft .NET technologies and PHP, with more than 100 years of combined commercial experience amongst our senior team. We are also highly versed in a range of front-end frameworks, including React, Vue and Angular. Together, these have helped us build systems that are both elegant but enterprise-grade.

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