Plenty of companies face the same dilemma; how to ‘productise’ their legacy software solution so it can scale to attract future investment. Working with our partner Aitemology, we help our clients develop a product strategy that addresses both their technical and ‘YES’ debt headaches to reduce maintenance and client acquisition costs.

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Helping you navigate the product minefield

Plenty of tech companies face the same dilemma; how to ‘productise’ their legacy software solution so they can scale it. While the easy answer may be to start again, that’s seldom an option.

If your legacy software solution is servicing the bespoke requirements of multiple clients, then you’re probably facing two types of debt: 1) Technical debt, and 2) Product debt (or more simply, ‘YES debt’), endemic in practically every tech start-up as these companies respond to the dramatically different needs of multiple clients.

Piecing together DIY systems architecture to support bespoke customers means your core product is no longer optimised. Instead, your databases slow down, your security is at risk and, your path to modernisation becomes opaque.

At WeDo: Digital, we have helped several clients overcome these challenges. By defining their product roadmap and educating sales leader when saying NO is best, we help clients establish a product-led strategy, plan their modernisation path and truly SaaS-ify their offering.

Our Innovation services

Innovation labs

We appreciate that some of our clients can’t always afford the often capital intensive costs of software.

That’s why we bring you our WeDo: Innovation Lab. Have an idea? Pitch it to us, and if we like what we see, we’ll discuss an investment option that helps you grow your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Digital transformation

We work side-by-side with clients when navigating their transformation journey in order to remove ambiguity and help deliver on their core business objectives.

Beyond digital technology skills, we also have specialisms in business engagement, operating model definition, and procurement across regulated and non-regulated sectors, helping to ensure your business keeps moving and innovating.

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Technology strategy

We formulate your Technology Strategy by analysing and optimising your IT department’s contribution to your business objectives, including technology management, risk and governance, IT value measurement and reporting.

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